May 13, 2022

The EMINENT project wrapped up its activities with a final conference on Quality Assurance (QA) in Higher Education at the Université Publique du Sud aux Cayes (UPSAC) on April 21st & 22nd, 2022. The conference took place in a hybrid format, with the theme "Towards the InPAQ-SUP network Interconnexion des partenaires de l'assurance qualité dans l'enseignement supérieur en Haïti".

This conference allowed to highlight the great social relevance of the EMINENT project, and the dynamic ownership of its objectives and results by the partners in Haiti who showed great resilience and creativity in overcoming multiple challenges in the past few years during their efforts to develop a solid QA culture in their universities. During the conference the speakers were able to share with participants from over a dozen institutions in Haiti and the EU their experience in setting up QA Units, drafting internal QA system plans for a specific faculty or the development and implementation of plans for self-evaluation of degree programmes. To this was added the public presentation of a new online platform called e-AQ-Haiti developed by partner ESIH to manage QA in Higher Education in Haiti.


The highlight of the event was the launching of the new national QA network InPAQH-Sup "Interconnexion des Partenaires de l’Assurance Qualité dans l’enseignement supérieur en Haïti". During a special ceremony the representatives of the EMINENT partner universities in Haïti came together to sign a constitutional acte effectively creating the network. Shortly thereafter 7 more Haitian universities signed letters of adhesion, growing the network in a single day to 12 members. The hope is this network will help all Haitian higher education institutions to develop solid quality assurance systems in their institutions, building off the initial work developed by the EMINENT project.

signature InPAQHSup

This QA conference has brought new hope to the actors of the Haitian higher education system, in the midst of the health, security and social crisis the country is currently going through. It represents an important step in the path towards a quality education.

The summary document of the conference "Actes du Colloque EMINENT" is available to download in French from our resource page.