ESIH in close collaboration with the whole EMINENT consortium drafted this report on the current state of affairs of Haitian HEIs in terms of Quality Assurance, based upon the data obtained from the Analysis Methodology, the distribution of Online Questionnaires (287 participants) and interviews with key stakeholders. The document is an in-depth analysis of the data collected and proposes recommendations for the further development of the project and also for any other actor or initiative on QA in Haiti.

It is important to emphasise that even if the initial scope of the Needs Analysis had to be scaled down  on account of the challenging socio-political context, this report signifies the first comprehensive attempt to map out and analyse QA practices at HE level in Haiti, combining the analysis of public and private institutions together with the sanctioning of the Ministry of National Education and Professional Formation. The genuine value of this analytical insight, specially obtained against a very strenuous socio-political background has obviously contributed to fine-tune other project activities but mainly prompt the urgency of QA implementation at HE level in Haiti.

EMINENT Needs Analysis