Jul 22, 2020

EMINENT has finished its Online Training with the celebration of the last combination of Masterclass and Tutorial Meetings on Self-Evaluation of Study Programmes, led by the University College Cork (Ireland) from 13th July to 17th July and in close collaboration with Haitian partners.

As a pioneer institution on Quality Assurance policy in Europe and drawing upon their extensive expertise in this field, the University College Cork framed a training centered around the concepts of Self-evaluation and learning outcomes formulation. With this purpose, the University College of Cork delivered a Masterclass which covered in-depth all the practical aspects of these concepts, looking into the details of operationalization, data collection and organizational elements of the Self-Evaluation process but also analysing the intricacies of reformulating study programmes according to learning outcomes.

UCC meeting 1

UCC proposed applied exercises to each Haitian university in order to explore the implementation of these concepts within their context. By the end of that week, Haitian partners had the opportunity to meet with UCC experts and discuss their advancements on Self-Evaluation as well as studying the first interpretation of their curricula according to learning outcomes.

With this session, EMINENT terminates its Online Training, an innovative initiative implemented to cope with the disruption generated by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Throughout the month of July, Haitian have been working hard in different sessions with experts from AQ Austria, University of Alicante and University College Cork to keep honing their knowledge and skills on Quality Assurance. It was a successful experience to learn from and build upon in order to continue progressing with EMINENT project actions, pushing through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


This Online Training was organized to substitute D3.3.1. Train of Trainers (Module IV) which was supposed to be held in March 2020, facilitating than Haitian partners advance further on knowledge transfer and experience adaptation on Quality Assurance within Higher Education system during these uncertain times. It has made use of the Livestorm webinar platform which allows for sharing prerecorded material and interactive meetings between trainers and trainees, navigating connection difficulties and language barriers.