Mission and Vision

Founded on April 22, 2022, the "Interconnection of Quality Assurance Partners in Higher Education in Haiti" (InPAQH-Sup), is a national network of Quality Assurance. Its mission is to promote constructive exchanges between its members on scientific research, university solidarity and teacher and student mobility, while contributing to providing Haitian society with modern quality higher education institutions (HEIs).

Its vision is to establish a Quality Assurance system at the base and the top of Higher Education and Scientific Research in order to respond to the real needs of Haitian society and to open up to the Caribbean region and the world.

Haitian Creole and French are the official languages of the Network. Other working languages may be used, if necessary, through translation.

Context of its Creation

InPAQH-Sup was founded by a Consortium composed by the Université Publique du Sud in Les Cayes (UPSAC), the Université Publique du Sud-Est in Jacmel (UPSEJ), the Université Publique de l'Artibonite in Gonaïves (UPAG), the Université Publique des Nippes (UPNIP), the Ecole Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haïti (ESIH), the University of Alicante of Spain, the University of Cork of Ireland and the University of the South of Haiti, the University of Cork from Ireland and the Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QA) in the framework of the Erasmus+ project EMINENT "Towards the improvement and harmonisation of quality assurance of higher education institutions in Haiti, in response to national and international developments". This project is co-funded by the European Union and MENFP from 2019 to 2022.

Main Objective of InPAQH-Sup

The main objective of InPAQH-Sup is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of teaching-learning, scientific research, and community services in Haitian higher education institutions so that they can be an effective engine for the sustainable integral human development of the Republic of Haiti.

Specific Objectives of InPAQH-Sup

  • To pool the collection, processing, analysis and sharing of reliable information on quality assurance practices and policies in member universities;
  • To promote good practices in the integration, maintenance and continuous improvement of quality in Higher Education in Haiti;
  • To facilitate research on quality assurance practices and policies in higher education and their effectiveness in improving the quality of higher education in Haiti;
  • Promote the creation of QA units in Haitian HEIs;
  • To provide advice and expertise to assist in the creation of quality assurance bodies in the two major regional blocks of the country (Grand Nord and Grand Sud);
  • Assist in the development and use of a credit transfer system to facilitate mobility both within and outside Haiti;
  • Identify sources of funding to support member HEIs in their activities;
  • Expressing the collective views of member HEIs on issues related to the quality of higher education through contacts with international bodies and other means;
  • To work with other specialised bodies on QA and accreditation issues;
  • Become a member of other regional and international networks. And, where appropriate, represent Haiti in other international networks and bodies.
  • To contribute, beyond access to education, to the provision of quality education for all and to the continuous improvement of the quality of the Haitian education system.

The 3 categories of Members

InPAQH-Sup has three (3) categories of members: permanent members, associate members and supporting members. They all adhere to the philosophy, values, principles, statutes and regulations of InPAQH-Sup.

The Benefits of becoming a Member of the Network

The advantages of becoming a permanent member, associate member or supporting member of InPAQH-Sup are numerous. We will just list a few of them:

  • Opportunities to share among members the lessons learned in setting up and running a quality assurance system, a quality assurance unit and a programme self-evaluation system in a higher education institution;
  • Opportunities to share good practice in quality management and quality assurance in a higher education institution among members;
  • Opportunities to share experiences of collaboration with national and international external quality assurance agencies;
  • Pooling of resources and synergy, particularly in the network of Regional Public Universities (UPR) and the member universities of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), so that higher education institutions become an effective engine for integral and sustainable human development in Haiti.

Founding Members of the Network

The founding members of the Network InPAQH-Sup are:

  • Ecole Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haïti (ESIH)
  • Université Publique du Sud aux Cayes (UPSAC)
  • Université Publique du Sud-Est in Jacmel(UPSEJ)
  • Université Publique de l'Artibonite in Gonaïves (UPAG)
  • Université Publique des Nippes (UPNip)

The InPAQH-Sup statutes can be consulted on our resource page

To find out how to become a member of the network InPAQH-Sup please write to the following E-Mail address: inpaqhsup@esih.edu