Jul 03, 2020

EMINENT consortium has devised a contingency plan to carry forward with capacity building actions, coping with the disruption generated by the COVID-19 global pandemic. This Online Training comes in substitution of D3.3.1. Train of Trainers (Module IV) which was supposed to be held in March 2020, facilitating than Haitian partners advance further on knowledge transfer and experience adaptation on Quality Assurance within the Higher Education system during these uncertain times.

As such, from 25th June to 1st July partners have carried out their 1st Masterclass and tutorial meeting sessions led by AQ Austria. This is a pioneer initiative proposed by the University of Alicante. It makes use of the Livestorm webinar platform which allows for sharing prerecorded material and interactive meetings between trainers and trainees, navigating connection difficulties and language barriers.

AQ Masterclass

Within this formation, AQ Austria recorded a Masterclass on networking within the field of Quality Assurance in Higher Education on 25th June. The content included a questionnaire or activity which was distributed between partners to reflect on how to implement Quality Assurance networking concepts within their own institutions and specific context of the Higher Education system in Haiti. This activity triggered partners into providing crucial feedback to orient specific action on the drafting of D2.2.1. InPAQ-Sup Network Action Plan and D2.3.1. Roadmap on QA for Haiti. Masterclass and questionnaire together with other relevant materials were circulated among partners to view and submit back to trainers.

AQ tutorial meeting

Subsequently, on 1st July Haitian partners for institution met in clusters with AQ Austria expert to discuss their responses to the Questionnaire and elaborate further on the concepts delivered during the Masterclass. This interaction provided an optimal space to exchange ideas and expectations towards the drafting of these documents: D2.2.1. InPAQ-Sup Network Action Plan and D2.3.1. Roadmap on QA for Haiti.

EMINENT online training will continue during the upcoming weeks of July. Next session will be led by the University of Alicante: Masterclass will be ready for viewing on 7th July and tutorial meeting session will be held on 10th July.