Mar 23, 2020

Throughout the first weeks of March 2020, EMINENT partners in Haiti have started to replicate the formation received in the previous capacity building actions and trainings of the project with their own institutions. More than 100 participants took part in this first experience of replication. This action is framed within WP3 CAPACITY BUILDING and aims at develop human capital within Haitian HEIs by multiplying knowledge, skills and experiences of academic staff, administrative personnel, students, labour market representatives and national competent authorities with vested interests in Higher Education and particularly within the field of Quality Assurance. By means of this initiative, EMINENT project impact is increased, and by adapting the capacity building to local needs, a sense of ownership is fostered within partner institutions.

UPSAC replication

These pioneering replication experiences were spearheaded by UPSAC and  ESIH. UPSAC organized 2 replication sessions which were attended by more than 50 representatives from the academic staff, administrative staff and students. For the first session, our colleagues from Cayes adapted content on the introductory concepts and overarching frameworks in terms of Quality Assurance on Higher Education. Posteriorly, they designed a session on learning outcomes specifically targeted at teaching staff within the University.

ESIH attendance

ESIH in Port-Au-Prince opted for a more general approach a delivered a session in which EMINENT project was introduced to more than 80 students as well as initiating audience on Quality Assurance historical trends and its impact on Higher Education structures. Replication was also an opportunity for students to understand their role within Quality Assurance processes.

Unfortunately, these successful replications had to be halted due to sudden irruption of the global COVID-19 pandemic which forced Haitian Government in 19th March 2020 to declare national State of Health Emergency and close preventively all Universities in the country. EMINENT partners are ready to resume action on that front as they are convinced that spreading and facilitating local knowledge appropriation on Quality Assurance within their Higher Education system is key to generate real impact.